Development ceased when I joined Dominic Harris where I channelled my focus on the production of interactive artworks inside Unity.

Each evening I advance further towards a working game. The core game mechanics are almost developed and I am constantly improving. Once I hit my next milestone of a fully functioning networked two person game I will post a playthrough video.

My knowledge of the roles involved in producing the art as allowed me to develop a robust and a well optimised codebase. As I am carrying out all roles of the game development pipeline, I try to automate core processes where possible e.g. character movements via artificial intelligence. Automation of process really helps to free up crucial time that could be spent on other features. 

I have developed a prodedural cluster mechanic that groups all nearby scene objects and organises them into my fancy pattern-based algorithim. This helps to produce a believable environment on the fly.

All characters are children to a higher character so that new art elements can be churned out and work immediately in the game. This includes animations.

Summary –

A competitive, turn-based, combat strategy game in which the player can command extraordinary races, build an empire and unleash their wrath on their enemies.

Although I am currently employed, I am still pursuing my dream; to be a technical artist. Ludi relies on changing weather patterns, randomised A.I. and clustered spawning to produce a modern and immersive take on chess.

I have made significant progress and currently networking. I need to sleep!

Over the last few months I have been working hard on designing the backend for a complex menu system with hopes that I will be able to publish it on the Unreal Marketplace.

I know the front end is still in its early days but my menu system is fast and reponsive. It can tell what input you are using and select buttons or show the cursor appropiately.

I have set up a MySQL database to store all character values as well as cloud version control so that my friends can provide assests.


  • Troop Placement
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This game was initially prototyped in Unity as part of a mobile game development module for University.

I have since successfully ported the game from C# to C++ and working on it within the Unreal Engine.

View the Unity prototype (excuse the U.I.).

Splitscreen and support for a variety of input devices.

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I have written a high level game design document.